Shoe wedging or technique change for MTSS (Shin Splints)

Here’s a short yet interesting piece written by Craig Payne over at Running Research Junkie.

MTSS is one of the most common running injuries i see, and risk factors can be multifactoral. Personally i like ‘quick-fixes’ like medial shoe wedging during the acute/ reactive stages of an initial bout of shin splints. For more persistent symptoms i will always look at running form and general conditioning. Form and strength deficits are usually rife. By tweaking technique, strengthening the runner-up and establishing decent, carefully-graded training habits even fairly long-standing symptoms can be pretty straight forward to treat. On-going medial shoe-wedging may or may not help and i would encourage clinicians to experiment with individual cases. It’s not something i’ve needed to use at all in my clinic this year, but does provide an additional treatment tool if needed.

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